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In order to decide whether you can be admitted to the Ruby on Rails course, we will have to ask you to take a little test now.

FAQ: How long will it take me to complete this test?
Answer: That depends. But you should calculate in anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes.

FAQ: When will I find out whether I have been admitted?
Answer: You will hear back from us within 3-5 working days.

FAQ: So If I'm admitted to the course, when and where will it take place?
Answer: The course is held every Sunday 14:00-18:00 for a duration of 16 weeks. The location we use is near "München Ostbahnhof".

FAQ: Is this course going to cost me anything?
Answer: The course, once you've been admitted, is completely free of charge. We will provide you with all the necessary tools.
Which of these are output devices? *

What program would you use to read news online? *

What was the first movie in which Woody Allen was an actor? Please use a search engine to answer this question. *

Woody Allen is an American movie director and actor.
It takes 2 workers 3 hours to assemble 3 tables. How long does it take 3 workers to assemble 6 tables? *

All workers work at the same rate.
If 5x + 1 = 4 + 2x, how much is x? *

Please read the following text, then answer the question below:

Computers deal with different kinds of data (numbers, text, images, etc.). This data can be combined and manipulated in certain ways to product new data, and that is a large part of what programming is. For example, you can add or subtract two numbers to create another number, join words to create a sentence, or edit an image with an Instagram filter. Let's say we have a magical program which gives us back the value of any data we put into it. For example, typing in a number will print that number, like so:

=> 5

The program can also print the value of combinations of data, for example the addition of two numbers:

=> 5 + 7

We can store the value of some data and give it a name. The stored value is called a variable. For example we can store the number of bananas we have in a variable called "numberOfBananas" like this:

numberOfBananas = 6

After doing this, we can now print the value stored in the "numberOfBananas" variable:

=> numberOfBananas

We can change the value stored in numberOfBananas:

numberOfBananas = 8

Which means that the value of "numberOfBananas" will now be 8:

=> numberOfBananas

After this, let's say we do the following:

numberOfNewBananas = 4
numberOfBananas = numberOfBananas + numberOfNewBananas

And then we print the value of numberOfBananas again:

=> numberOfBananas
? *

Explain in a few words, what you think the result would be and why you think so.
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